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ingame im a real traitor,i like to glitch and i always ask if there's admin on the server and if not i glitch all time,im a real noob and i assume it,peeps like my game style …

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 Questions about Maddogg, please read

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PostSubject: Questions about Maddogg, please read   Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:09 pm

Hello Everyone...

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about all the rumors circulating about Maddogg leaving the clan. I know this has been a very hot topic, with many heated discussions. Okay, here is what I know.

Maddog has been under a lot of stress from the real world. I know that each and every one of you have some sort of stress or issues with life in general. If you say you don't, you are only lying to yourself. Anyway most of us find stress relief by playing this game. I look to play for fun, kill some zombies and chat and cut up with my fellow clan mates on TS. One thing I hate is DRAMA!!!

Maddog is a people pleaser. He takes satisfaction by accomplishing tasks to make everyone happy. He was the originator of this clan, and we will always remember that! Anyway, Maddog has worked his ass off day and night to get the clan and server running smoothly. Recently due to real world stress, he hasn't been able to get on as much to fix our zombie mod server.

Lady and I both know that Lame has a lot of experience in server administation. He is very techinical and offered his services FOR FREE to help only the best interest of our clan. By doing this, he has taken away some of the things Maddogg was eventually going to do. I posted a recent topic thanking Lame for getting the server running perfectly. Instead of Maddog being happy, he was upset. So this is one of the reasons for him posting what he posted.

I know that Maddog knows that to make this clan successful, it takes a team effort. No one man can do everything. That is why Lady and I sought out help for Maddog, but again, he felt Lame intruded on his work. In my personal opinion, Lame acted as a team player and did what he needed to do and now I love our zombie server. Very little lag, which was the problem with the old mod. So again, the only way for UzS to survive is TEAMWORK!!!

Okay, I know I'm starting to ramble, so let me get to the point. As of yesterday's post, Maddog has not responded saying he is coming back. I have begged him to stay, as have other members. But for now, Maddogg has left the clan.

So what does this mean? It means that UzS will continue to exist! I know that every clan goes through issues like this. Only the weak clans fold and disappear. But we have some of the most excellent people in this clan, including our admins (wink). I recently saw a post where someone mentioned UzS was going to disband. Well, you can strike that from your mind. We will continue to be strong and if Maddog doesn't come back, I promise you will continue to have leadership from us admins!!!

Okay, so how about if Maddog comes back. That would be awesome! Many of your posts from his topic stated he was the reason you came to UzS. Well, he was the reason I came to UzS also. If it weren't for him, UzS would not exist. When I left THB, I was going to just play and not join another clan. But of course, along came Maddogg, hehe! So hopefully Maddogg will reconsider and come back. Again if he doesn't, don't freak out and quit. We have come to far to let UzS fail. We will survive, even if it means I pay for the server myself!

If anyone has further questions about this topic, please talk to one of the admins on TS or xfire. I will attempt to keep everyone up to date on what Maddogg will do. Thanks for your time and LET'S GO KILL SOME ZOMBY, YA!!!

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Questions about Maddogg, please read
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